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A records on top level domains

After I stumbled upon the wonderful URL shortener http://to/ today and immediately began posting it on IRC, I received a comment that someone didn’t even know that is was possible to do so. I, of course, could only comment “of course it’s possible”. But in the same train of thought, I just had to have a look at who else has a valid A record on their top level domain. So I fetched the IANA TLD list and, after being baffled by the punycode TLDs, threw some sh at the problem:
(for domain in $(grep -v '^#' tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt); do host -t A "${domain}."; done) | grep -v 'has no A record'

For the sake of enjoyability, I thus offer the results in table form, along with what kind of site is running on port 80. Data timestamp is 2010–01-08T16:05:00+0100, location for routing is DTAG-DIAL26 / AS3320.

TLD IP content (port 80) AC “Always connected” (NIC.AC) AI “Offshore Information Services” BI “It works!” CM cm [] 80 (www) : Connection refused DK “DK Hostmaster” (NIC.DK) GG Channel Isles Domain Registration HK hk [] 80 (www) : No route to host IO NIC.IO JE Channel Isles Domain Registration PH HTTP 500.100 via broken Microsoft IIS PN Apache default home page PW pw [] 80 (www) : No route to host SH sh [] 80 (www) : No route to host TK “TK your long URL”, free .tk domain name registry TM NIC.TM TO TO./ URL shortener UZ some WAP page I can’d decipher WS ws [] 80 (www) : Connection timed out

So, in short, 5 of 18 (27%) are downright broken, one is being autistic, and a further 2 (11%) are not configured to do anything meaningful, leading to a total of 8 — or 44% — of TLD A records being useless. Bonus: none of the sites have AAAA records and, thus, no IPv6 availability.

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