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Sasuke Figurine from McDonald in Japan/Taiwan

I usually don't take much notice of Naruto-related stuff, but that's mainly due to the fact that I don't watch the anime or read the manga. Nothing wrong about Naruto; it's just that it is a very long series for me to follow. However this Sasuke toy is worth mentioning though. It gets so famous in the Internet, especially within the Taiwanese community, that there are even news reporting about it.

This Sasuke toy was originally obtainable from MacDonald's Happy Meal in Japan and Taiwan. Released sometime in July, the original feature of the toy is that Sasuke could do a flip if you press down the lever on his back.

But that doesn't always work very well.


Look closely at Sasuke's face... Well, let's just say it's not of the quality one is used to with their high quality figures ^^; One may start thinking of Sader for the dreadful quality on the face. For the notorious look it has been nicknamed "邪神佐助" (literally translated as "Evil God Sasuke"), just as Sader is nicknamed "邪神 Saber" in Chinese.

For those who are not familiar with who Sader is, here she is.
Image from Komica Wiki

But that's not the main point of this Sasuke toy though. There's more.

Somehow, people have found something special about him - on top of his head there he possesses the greatest balancing power that is hard to imagine. You can balance all sorts of stuff on top of his head, and he will stand untested like he's using his chakura to keep the object on top of his head balanced.

Enough of talking, let's see the power of Uchiha Sasuke ourselves!

Let's start off with something small then work the way up - first off a little Donald Duck statue.

Stack of coins

A chess king piece


Thermal mug

Some strangely shaped large bottle that not even the original photographer knew what it was for.

He can even balance it upside down, with head touching the floor.

X-Box controller is no problem for Sasuke.

Even a Swiss Army knife

Balancing on a Japanese sword. Judging from the relatively short length I think it's a wakizashi.

Balancing on a bun is easy peasy for Sasuke.

Kagamiku is not amused having to pose and balance on top of Sasuke, but she seems to be doing fine there.

Remote control

Balancing an NDS vertically is no challenge too

A laptop. The first image makes it seem like it's floating or something ^^;


Fishes: Our lives are under jeopardy

A rice cooker!

Just look at his face, even with a heavy rice cooker on top of his head, he is still keeping the same pose and expression. That is determination and strength man.

Or a buddha statue... Either way

MG Strike Freedom posing crazily on top of Sasuke with no problems as well o_O

Multiple Sasukes posing on (and underneath) a pistol

Sasuke: Naruto, your Kage no Bunshin Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) is nothing compared to my pyramid of doom.

And yes he can withstand one wheel of an ita-scooter... Does he have limits at all?!

Even news in Taiwan have reported about it! XD


With the incredible balancing power Sasuke possesses, no wonder fans and curious people were rushing to purchase Happy Meals in MacDonalds. There is simply too much stuff you can try balancing on Sasuke (and it works). Sasuke knows no limit (just like in the manga?? ^^;). Man makes me wish they had that in Hong Kong too XD

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