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August 28 2012


August 19 2012

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July 23 2012


Segregation Series

Recently The Gordon Parks Foundation discovered over 70 unpublished photographs by Parks at the bottom of an old storage box wrapped in paper and marked as “Segregation Series.” These never before series of images not only give us a glimpse into the everyday life of African Americans during the 50′s but are also in full color, something that is uncommon for photographs from that era.

July 20 2012


July 11 2012


July 04 2012


July 03 2012


June 29 2012


An unusual trio

An unusual trio.

Their name is Balu, Leo, and, of course, Shere Khan. Interspecies friendship between the three deadly predators started when all of them were two months old. Previously, they lived with drug lords, as a symbol of power and social status. Then, during a police raid, they confiscated and placed in a zoo. Eight years have passed, a chorus of merry trio live in a shelter for animals of Locust Grove (USA, Georgia) and behaves like brothers. Eat, play and sleep together in the general house. Balu now weighs 450 kg, and Leo Sher Khan - to 160 kg.

June 17 2012


June 12 2012


June 10 2012


June 05 2012


Nine dangerous things you were taught in school.


1. The people in charge have all the answers.
That’s why they are so wealthy and happy and healthy and powerful—ask any teacher.

2. Learning ends when you leave the classroom.
Your fort building, trail forging, frog catching, friend making, game playing, and drawing won’t earn you any extra credit. Just watch TV.

3. The best and brightest follow the rules.
You will be rewarded for your subordination, just not as much as your superiors, who, of course, have their own rules.

4. What the books say is always true.
Now go read your creationism chapter. There will be a test.

5. There is a very clear, single path to success.
It’s called college. Everyone can join the top 1% if they do well enough in school and ignore the basic math problem inherent in that idea.

6. Behaving yourself is as important as getting good marks.
Whistle-blowing, questioning the status quo, and thinking your own thoughts are no-nos. Be quiet and get back on the assembly line.

7. Standardized tests measure your value.
By value, I’m talking about future earning potential, not anything else that might have other kinds of value.

8. Days off are always more fun than sitting in the classroom.
You are trained from a young age to base your life around dribbles of allocated vacation. Be grateful for them.

9. The purpose of your education is your future career.
And so you will be taught to be a good worker. You have to teach yourself how to be something more.

Pretty much.

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May 06 2012


April 21 2012


FrOSCon 2012: Call for Papers

The Free and Open Source software conference (FrOSCon), a summer conference for users and developers of FOSS, will again be held on the 25th and 26th of August at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Germany. It is organized by the department of computer science in collaboration with the Linux/Unix User Group Sankt Augustin, the student body and the FrOSCon e.V.

As its key feature, volunteer speakers will hold a comprehensive range of talks and workshops. Additionally the event offers space and facilities to Free Software developers and projects to organize their own meetings or sub conferences. It is topped off with a fair of booths from FLOSS projects and companies. 

We are looking for contributions on current trends and development in all areas of Free and Open Source Software, e.g.:
  • Operating systems
  • Software development
  • Administration
  • IT security
  • Legal aspects
  • Desktop
  • Education

Focus areas in 2012 are:

  • OpenData
    Free Software applications and development in the fields Open Science and Open Government
  • Big Data
    Experience reports and lectures on Semantic Technologies,Geo-Mapping, Deduplication, Visualization
  • Digital Privacy
    Best Practices for users and developers, Distributed Privacy, Data Leakage

Until May 23rd, 2012 developers and experts interested in giving a lecture or workshop at the conference can submit their proposals. The selection is done by a program committee early June. 

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March 26 2012


Sedlec Ossuary

Outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic, is a small Roman Catholic Church that looks normal on the outside but holds 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons on the inside. Officially called the Sedlec Ossuary, it is often just referred to as Bone Church. Around 1400, thousands of skeletons were dug up so that the church could be built in the middle of the cemetery. The lower chapel was to be an ossuary for the mass graves unearthed during construction. Around 1870, a wood carver was commissioned to make order from all the bones. The dead were arranged in macabre art to form four bell towers, a huge bone chandelier that contains at least one of every bone in the human body, garlands of skulls draping the vault, bones around the altar, a large Schwarzenberg coat-of-arms, the signature of the artist Rint, and many more bizarre artworks. The chapel, and underneath the church and cemetery, are all decorated with bones. People who died in war or a gruesome death which marred the bones were not used too much for decoration. Instead, those skeletal remains are locked away behind gates or form bone tunnels.

February 01 2012


Thoughts on menstruation supplies


I refuse to call them ~*feminine hygiene*~ supplies.

Anyway… why are the boxes all dainty and soft? It’s all pastel pink, pastel blue, flowers, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like pastels and soft colours, but I think there’s a lot of untapped potential here.

Think about it. I bleed for days on end. Without dying. That’s pretty fucking metal.

So why can’t boxes for tampons and pads look like a heavy metal album cover or something?

I’m thinking something completely over the top. You know, like in the tradition of Powerthirst and Epic Meal Time. I’m talking lasers and zombies and dinosaurs and sharks here.

Here are some inspirational images to give you an idea of what I’m thinking:[...]



I have designed a suitable box as an example of how this should be executed.

January 31 2012

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